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1. What can I expect for working with Train with Shain?

    Train with Shain will help you improve your balance and your ability to walk
    without falling.   You can expect to feel stronger and daily activities become
    easier.  In addition, you will look and feel better, with less body fat and
    more muscle tone.  If you are an athlete you will notice a difference in
    your game.

2. Where will the training take place?

    All training sessions will take place in either your home, office, a fitness
    center or outdoors.

3. Do I need to purchase exercise equipment?

    No, you do not.  We will bring the equipment to you. However, you may
    want to have a few items to workout on your own.

4.  How many sessions will I need?
     It is recommended that you do at least 2x per week.  A third session will
     accelerate your progress. For those who can not afford more than 1
     per week, you need to practice what you have learned during your training

5. Can I workout with another person?

    Yes. Some people feel more motivated when training with a partner.
     The fee for partner  training is less than a private session. Contact
      Train with Shain at (508) 231-6378 or trainwithshain@gmail.com
       for rates.

6.    What is your cancellation policy?
       We require at least 48 hours notice, otherwise you will be charged for
       the session.

7. Will I need to sign a medical waiver?

    Depending on your age, you will need a signature from your Doctor.
    Otherwise you will only have to sign our release form.

8.  Will I be charged for mileage?

     Yes only if it is outside 20 miles of our Framingham/Natick/Wayland Ma.






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