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"I am a retired attorney in my 70's and began working with Steve Shain in January 2009. Until that time I had never worked with a trainer, nor had I committed to any organized fitness program for myselfWhen Steve became my trainer, all of that changed. I began my regular weekly meetings with him, which continue into the present, and with Steve's encouragement and support I started working out an additional 2/3 times a week on my own.  While I have have always been active, I never had an the athletic and healthy form and fitness that I now happily bear!".

It has been a complete pleasure to work with Steve all these years. He makes the work fun fresh and rewarding".


"Over the years my measurements increased. I thought that nothing much could be done about it, This was middle age.   Both my Father and Brother rounded out as they grew older.

Moving to Boston made a very small difference; taking the T involved more movement than driving the car and parking a few yards from the office. Emboldened by losing all of 3 pounds, I wandered into my university's gym, the first gym that I have seen since  high school.  How do you use those machines? I asked one of the people on duty.  She said that I needed a trainer.
She  introduced me to Steve.   When I started to work with Steve, we were seeing each other 3 times per week, and my neck and waist measurements started to go down and the pounds started to come off. This has made an enormous difference to how I feel and what I can do.   How did Steve achieve this? Well, in the early stages by keeping me amused with great stories, appreciating where I was starting from and taking me onwards step by step.  He never made me feel inadequate by always challenged me to do better. This took a lot of patience. For over a year I resisted Steve's suggestion: that we go running: I'd collapse in a wheezing heap after 50 yards. Ultimately Steve got his way, (he usually does)  and now I go for runs of
up to 6 miles 4/5 times a week.   My bench pressing doesn't prompt gasps of astonishment but it's about 100 lbs. more than I ever thought that I could do. For the 1st time in my life I can go into a store and find clothes that I like the look of that fit me.

 I am sure that this wouldn't have happened without Steve. If I'd lost 10 lbs on my own, I would have been satisfied and quit.  I wouldn't have run more than 10 yards to catch a train. I don't know where we will end up, but we are still raising my performance

 I have told Steve that he belongs to that small group of people such as the high school teacher who persuaded  me to apply to Oxford who've made a difference in my life.   I am sure he could make a difference in yours to."


" Steve Shain has a rare combination of technical skills and personal traits  that make him a gifted trainer.   In the  years that we have been working together, he has designed  for me interesting and  different sets of exercise routines matched to my particular strength needs.  Just as in important, Steve has an unmatched sense of professionalism.  I have never come across an individual who is more reliable.  FinallySteve is simply fun to be with and he turns what would be a boring grind into a pleasure. Thus, although for decades I have tried to maintain a relatively high level of fitness, recurrent injuries and/or boredom have prevented me from maintaining a consistent exercise regimen. Steve, being absolutely committed to my health, has been masterful in encouraging me to challenge myself, in restraining  my tendency toward overexertion and injury, and in keeping exercise fun and fresh.  Thus, I have been able to keep an absolutely reliable 3x per week workout schedule for many years, and as a result have reached a level of fitness that I never expected to achieve"


"I am a woman in my 80's   I am reasonably healthy  and  somewhat active, with walking and swimming in the summer.    My doctor suggested balance training a few years back, but inertia got in the way. A fall a few months back told me that it was time to peruse it.
Steve had an ad in a local publication.  It made it clear that he would come to my home-no gym- and there would be minimal equipment involved. All of this appealed to me, and since then we have been working 2x a week.
I found him a wonderful person to work with.  His skill and sensitivity to older people are outstanding.    I'd also ad that he has a great sense of humor.  There is very little down time, yet his pacing makes it comfortable.  He is always positive and encouraging.  As a result even in the short amount of time. I'm aware of improvement-more strength and more flexibility. 
Thank you Steve"


"So glad that I have been training with you.  Have walked and walked miles on cobblestone streets in a 12th century town on the island of Gotland.  Didn't stumble or fall.    Many thanks to you!"    AY





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